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pedestrians walking through fallen colorful autumn leaves that are swirling in the wind.
autumn, fall, leaf, leaves, colorfully, colorful, multicolored, change, changed, changing, fallen, season, seasons, wind, breeze, fly, flying, breezing, winding, dance, dancing, swirl, swirling, whirl, whirling, stir, stirring, raise, blow, blowing, bright, red, orange, yellow, brown, dead, dying, die, death, dead leaves, background, sad, sadly, blue, unhappy, gloomy, sorry, sorrowful, mourn, mournful, mournfully, desolate, woeful, upset, dolorous, tearily, tear, tears, plant, nature, outdoor, green, grey, lonely, natural, October, November, mood, vanish, pass, fallen off, texture, leaf pile, sadness, grief, sorrow, mourning, misery, depression, dolorousness, pain, hurt, anguish, dolorous, bike, ride, riding, biker, cyclist, bicyclist, pedestrian, pedestrians, walker, walk, walking, go, going, walkers, stroll, strolling, promenade, shoes, shoe, wheel, wheels

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