Lightstock Licensing Explained

We've simplified our licensing down to 2 options.


  • Create derivative products
  • Post to a website or social media
  • Use in digital marketing
  • Use in the creation of client work
  • One-time license transfer to someone else.
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  • The standard license, plus...
  • Create or expect more than 500,000 copies or views of the asset
  • Share editable versions of your derivative work with multiple 3rd parties
  • Sell anything created with the asset
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Which license does an unlimited membership include?

By default, our unlimited memberships cover standard-license usage for anything you download and use during your membership. Plus, you’ll get a 50% discount on any extended license for the product categories included in your membership.

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License Needs for Common Scenarios

What if you want to use a Lightstock asset for... Standard License Extended License
...posting on your personal blog/social media feed?
...making a social graphic for your church's or business' feed?
...a marketing email asset?
...the cover of your free ebook?
...creating a design for your client who is paying you?
...something there's a chance more than 500,000 people will see?
...projects for multiple clients who want project files (PSD, Premier Pro, etc?)
...creating physical or digital art that you'll sell?
...distributing the unedited stock assets?

*All of these assume fewer than 500,000 people see your work that includes the Lightstock asset.

Common Licensing Questions

What is a "derivative product?"
A product is derivative if it has been altered or modified enough to be considered a new original work.
What if I want to use the asset as-is?
If you are the end-user, and you’re not sharing it with a 3rd party, the standard license allows you to use the asset as-is.
What is the “license transfer” mentioned under the standard license?
The standard license allows you to transfer “ownership” of access to a Lightstock asset one time (meaning you forfeit your access going forward).
What does “share editable versions” mean under the extended license?
If you need to share project files (e.g. PSD, PPJ) that contain Lightstock assets with more than one 3rd party, you need an extended license for each asset.
What if I work on a team and more than one of us needs access?
Either of our licenses allow for up to 5 “seats” of access within the same organization.
When my membership expires, can I continue to use the assets I downloaded?
No. Only projects you’ve published during your membership are covered by your membership’s standard license.

Need more clarity?

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Which Lightstock user are you?

User #1

Jill works on a team at a business or organization that uses Lightstock assets to create pitch decks, web layouts, emails, social posts, blog articles, and ads that support her employer.

Unless she plans on more than 500,000 people seeing her final creations, all Jill needs is a standard license.

User #2

Jack is a freelance graphic designer creating digital and print assets for multiple clients—plus, he has an Instagram account with 45,000 followers where he posts some of his work.

Unless he is sharing the same Lightstock asset(s) in editable project files with multiple clients, all Jack needs is a standard license.

User #3

An agency uses Lightstock assets to create social media, print, and video templates for their clients.

Sharing editable templates with more than one third party requires an extended license.

User #4

Incorporating Lightstock assets, Julie has created a library of universally useful graphics and videos that she sells to organizations like churches and schools.

Any time you are selling a product that incorporates a Lightstock asset, you need an extended license.