Why do we exist?

To elevate the story our users are telling

What do we do?

Lightstock is a two-sided marketplace that collects, curates, and licenses stock content to the faith-based community.

How will we succeed?

By offering stock content that can't be found anywhere else – content that helps break down the cheesy stereotype found in Christian media.

Core Values

The culture we foster

Seek First His Kingdom

Seeking the kingdom is the first of our core values–everything else is derivative. We cultivate a kingdom-first mindset quite simply because Jesus said so. Kingdom means rule. So to seek God's kingdom means to interactively rule with God. Practically speaking, we rise early and spend time with God. Jesus mastered and modeled this with ease and we take our cues from Him.

Be a Lifelong Learner

Our qualities and potential aren't carved in stone. We develop ourselves daily by cultivating habits that stretch in every direction. Travelers not settlers – we never stop learning.

Choose Optimism

Choosing optimism profoundly affects the way life is led. It's not automatic, it's a choice. Negativity is draining – we believe in filling others up. It's not easy – it's a daily decision we make.

Celebrate Risk

What others call failing, we call learning. That's why taking the "calculated risk" is celebrated. We confront problems, accept challenges and try new things because we believe that, "Nothing ventured," is indeed, "nothing gained."

Have the Heart of a Teacher

We challenge each other to share what we're learning. – Our heart is to foster ideas and freely give. We aim to be a well of fresh water for others to drink. Blessed to be a blessing just about sums it up.

Default to Transparency

We state our views, fears, failings, hopes, ideas honestly. We're aiming for automatic vulnerability. We don't hide. We're transparent with everyone – automatically. Clarity and over-communication rule the day.

Engage in Lean Thinking

We don't know what we don't know. We learn what works by taking what we have, where we are, and getting the most out of it. Engaging in lean thinking is how we validate our ideas and protect ourselves from that one dumb decision that could wreck it all.

Together We Become More

The belief that one person alone can achieve greatness is a myth. Others help us do a better job than we can do ourselves. We glean from each other –leveraging the collective knowhow of our team.

Don't Forget the Polish

Beauty requires polish. It's not enough for something to work. By bringing beauty and utility together we create lasting work. Good work. Polished work. It's what God meant, in Genesis, when he said, "It's good."