Jesse (JJ) Hernandez

Hi there, My name is JJ Hernandez and I have a passion for videography and photography. I have started my own videography business a couple years ago called In2itive Visions. I do a variety of work from Wedding videography to creating content for a local company's youtube channel. Some of the work I am most excited about has been filming and editing sermons for our local church, Safe Haven Christian Center. I believe the most important work I can do is to share the gospel and to be a part of that at all is humbling. I am very passionate about using my skillsets to encourage others but even more importantly acknowledge our Heavenly Father and give Him glory in any way I can. Lightstock has given me a perfect opportunity to do just that and I am very excited to share with you all. I hope the work I post on here will bless you in some way. God bless!!