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Photography has been an amazing adventure for me. What started as a simple hobby while working as an aerospace engineer soon evolved into a full-time profession with an endless supply of technical and creative challenges. Being behind the lens is always a thrill. In 2012 I started taking a heavy interest in timelapse video. I shoot almost all my sequences in full resolution raw format and then ramp, grade, and deflicker them using LRTimelapse and Lightroom. Final touch up, stabilization, and rendering (at 4K resolution) is performed in Adobe After Effects. In 2013, I added three-axis motion control equipment to my kit to give more immersive depth to my timelapses. I am so pleased to partner with LIghtstock to distribute my work for Christ-centered media projects around the world. It is my hope that I can faithfully use the gifts God has given me to reveal some small part of His glory through the wonders of this world He has given us.